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Here at Little Toddlers Daycare In Oxnard we have been providing exceptional daycare services since 2004. Please feel free to read the below testimonials from our satisfied clients and learn what type of child care can be achieve by entering into our daycare. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Clients


 Thank you Judith and Keith for being such a big part of my son's live for the past 2 years, Brandon has learned so much from you guys and you will be missed dearly. I know he will be the smartest kid in preschool, thanks to you!! Amelia 

The Cardenas Family


This is absolutely a wonderful daycare! My toddler attended Little Toddlers Daycare for over a year. I’ve learned that while my son attended, Judy and her family provided the most utmost love, care, and attention towards the children. The attention was more than I expected. She literally kept the children busy by everyday assignments. I appreciate the fact that she was consistent, by informing me with a monthly newsletter. Judy was very organized, professional and provided tremendous dedication, that I will recommend anyone who is seeking child care. ”Thank you Judy and Keith for all the great care given to my child!” WITH LOVE,The Cardenas Family

Jose and Daisy

 Our 8 month old daughter Kaylee attended Little Toddlers Daycare for almost a year. Our reason for leaving was for military deployment. We tried several other daycares for Kaylee before we ultimately found Little Toddlers Daycare. As parents we finally experience peace of mind that comes from knowing that your child is safe and well cared for while you are at work.The sense of trust, comfort and confidence we have experienced in leaving our daughter at Little Toddlers Daycare is beyond description. Jose & Daisy 

Reyna Espinoza


There is so much to say about Little Toddlers Daycare Judy is such an amazing person, I was fortunate enough find such a wonderful person to care for my son. There is nothing more nerve wracking that having to find someone you can trust to care for our kiddos'. I work in the social services field, I have seen my fair share of proper and improper providers. I know that Judy has been observed by Behavior therapist have given her the highest of regards, for the quality of care she provides.I have witnessed first hand the care and love Judy gives each one of the kiddos, her family is amazing and loving with all of those who attend her daycare. My son learned so much, received the love and structure he needed for 4 years.I am indebted to Judy for all those years of dedication to my son. Judy has the tools and knowledge she needs to care for anyones kids.If your looking for a amazing Provider she is the one to go to. Judy will always be in our hearts. Reyna Espinoza

The Cisneros Family

 My daughter attended Little Toddler's Daycare since she started kindergarten until she was in fifth grade. In all those 6 years that my daughter had been under Judith from August 2009, I never received a complaint from my daughter. My daughter was in a friendly atmosphere and developed friendships with all the children at the day care. Judith during her school breaks would entertain them with fun and interesting activities such as crafts, and worksheets with numbers and letters. During the early years that my daughter was with Judith, she learned to count, shapes, and letters. Judith was supportive of her needs and would help her with homework. I would come in at unexpected times, and the children under he care were well cared for by having a routine.She also provided meals which my daughter always enjoyed. If I had more children, I can assure that my children would be at Little Toddlers Daycare.Highly recommended, great communication from Judith, and a safe environment. The Cisneros Family